Tips For Surviving a Cold While Vegan

I currently have a cold. Yes that is a current picture of me. Since I am all about full disclosure I am not going to sit here and pretend that just because I’m Vegan I never get sick. I got sick because it has been 8 degrees every night and I have to go to work at the butt-crack of dawn (6 am). If you go outside in 8 degree weather without a hat you get a cold.

In years past whenever I had a cold the first thing I would buy was prepackaged everything. Sweets like ice cream and cookies and also potato chips, sour cream, cheese sauce and some frozen dinners. That’s what I would live on while I was waiting (for what felt like forever) for the cold to go away.

The only good thing I used to do was take Oregano extract which always helped to shorten my colds and even help my immune system to fight off some infections that everyone else around me would get.

So what am I doing this time?

1. I bought vegetables. The first place I went this time was the frozen vegetable section. I decided that the more color I could get the better. So I bought corn, green peas, butternut squash and broccoli. I already had rice and beans so along with some tissues and all natural cough drops and nyquil that was all I had to buy.

2. I’m drinking tea instead of soda. I used to buy bottles or cans of soda (sometimes all natural) any time I was sick because water is uncomfortable for me to drink. This time I decided to drink a little water and brew hot tea for the relief effect I would be getting from soda. It works. I’m using green tea with dandelion root which also has the added bonus of guarding against UTI.

3. Keeping up with my vitamins/supplements. Since I am at the beginning of my Vegan journey I have a few supplements that I take just to get myself on the right track and hopefully speed up healing. But I’ll do another post about them later. I used to give myself a pass since I was sick not to take my vitamins etc. Not this time.

I will be giving you an update on the differences I notice while healing from this cold compared to others. So far I don’t feel like I’m missing anything not eating the junk I used to eat. I’m hopeful that the healing process will be greatly increased compared to previous colds.

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